Starved For Attention, our Emmy Nominated project for Doctors without Borders to rebrand malnutrition and rewrite food aid policy.

    We launched the brand for THE OUT NYC, New York City's first straight-friendly resort.

    We just launched smartgft, a social gifting app where you can send drinks to your friends, in France or wherever, at the tap of a button.

    We don't just build creative or develop technology, we inspire movements around your product, service, or brand.

Brand Reinvigoration

» Awareness + viral campaigns
» Rebrands + new message platforms
» Pop-up experiences

» PR/buzz events
See how we invigorated this tired hotel brand

Digital Experiences

» Experience design for web, mobile, tablet
» Web/mobile/app development
» Digital Advertising, email campaigns, banners

» Content creation + frameworks
Brand experience we launched with measurable results

Brand Image Definition

» Brand strategy + target audience definition
» Brand story, naming, logo design, visual systems
» Product/Service launch development + execution

See how we defined the brand for this fearless fashion + accessories company

Social Media Marketing

» Content strategy creation and activation
» Social media profiles/campaign set-up
» Community building + influencer engagement

» Video for YouTube, Vine, Vimeo
How we got Mena Suvari + MC Hammer to tweet for us

BrandSlam Bootcamp

» Brand Building Education: Training + tools
» Social Media Education: Training + tools
Check out our sold out seminars

Research + Analytics: Brandialogue

» SEO Optimization
» Ethnography studies
» Social media listening
» Social media analytics
» Web Analytics reporting + analysis
» SEO Optimization
See how we shaped the product launch through research for this consumer electronics brand

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LogoGate: Identical Design Fiasco Worse Than Emma Stone’s Copy Cat Oscar Dress

Two companies in industries that overlap, Mutual Mobile and SquareSpace, have identical logo treatments. This IS worse than Emma Stone’s 2012 Oscar dress that Nicole Kidman wore five years earlier. The SquareSpace/Mutual Mobile LogoGate would be less soul crushing to a...
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10 Ways to Find Your Digital Voice

Originally published for The Huffington Post Let’s see: My closest girlfriend called me in the hospital after her epidural. My super gets excited when I have something in my apartment that needs fixing. I don’t have any impending lawsuits. Family reunions revolve...
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Brand Evolution: Yahoo’s New Logo

We took a stab, literally ten minutes, to see if we could do what they did in 30 days? What do you think? We believe a logo is your identity and for them to use Optima, a very 90’s and dated font, is just a testament that they don’t want to connect to the customer...
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